Jaco Pastorius / Another Side of Jaco Pastorius

Another Side of Jaco Pastorius

ビレリ・ラグレーン(g)とのセッションを収録した『Live in Italy』、『Honestly』、『Broadway Blues』、『Stuttgart Aria』、『Heavey’n Jazz』から良いとこどりのコンピレーション・アルバム。スタジオ録音とライヴ録音の音質差が激しい。アルバム・タイトルの「Another Side」はJazzpointレーベルに残された晩年の録音ということらしい。2001年発売。

Not Fusion But True Jazz Jaco Pastorius Workshop

Jaco Pastorius (Sony Music)


  1. Fannie Mae (Buster Brown / Clarence Lewis / Morgan Robinson) 7:32
    from Live in Italy
  2. Honestly, Part. 2 (Jaco Pastorius) 3:55
    from Honestly
  3. Chicken (Pee Wee Ellis) 5:51
    from Broadway Blues
  4. Jaco Reggae (Jan Jankeje) 6:02
    from Stuttgart Aria
  5. Reza (Jaco Pastorius) 5:39
    from Heavy’n in Jazz
  6. The Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer) 6:26
    from Stuttgart Aria
  7. Invitation (Bronislaw Kaper) 7:53
    from Heavy’n in Jazz
  8. Stuttgart Aria, No. 2 (Jan Jankeje / Biréli Lagrène / Jaco Pastorius / Vladislav Sendecki) 10:08
    from Stuttgart Aria
  9. Teresa (Jaco Pastorius) 8:55
    from Stuttgart Aria
  10. Continuum (Jaco Pastorius) 1:56
    from Live in Italy


Jaco Pastorius – electric bass
Bireli Lagrene – electric guitar
Vladislav Sendecki – keyboard, synthesizer
Jan Jankeje – synthesizer, bass
Thomas Böröcz – drums
Peter Luebke – drums
Serge Bringolf – drums, percussion


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