Jaco Pastorius / Portrait of Jaco the early years 1968 – 1978

Portrait of Jaco the early years 1968 - 1978



2006年にはこの収録からインタビュー部分を省いた楽曲のいくつかをノーカットで収録した『The Early Years Recordings』が発売された。

Portrait Of Jaco The Early Years 1968 – 1978

Jaco Pastorius (Holiday Park Records)

created by Rinker
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Disc-1 JOCKO …the early years

  1. Sermon At The Grossroads 1:58
    Jaco himself welcomes all to his old neighborthood in Oalkland Park, FL!
  2. Please Don’T Love Me 1:59
    Jack Pastorius reminisces over one of his big band recordings from 1962
  3. Jaco’S First Gig 1:45
    This is the earliest known recording of Jocko playing the drums
  4. The Chicken 1:54
    Gregory Pastorius recalls the day when Jocko recorded all the instruments himself
  5. Suzanne 3:06
    This 45 rpm recording is Jocko’s first record appearance. (1968)
  6. If You Were Mine 3:47
    (Jocko’s B-3 trio Woodchuck) For the fist time Tracy Lee sharea her memories
  7. Street Life 4:53
    Bob Bobbing takes us back to Jocko’s early years hang, the all-back Downbeat Club
  8. Mr. Pitiful 1:33
    Jocko personally takes us back…”i grew up playin’ on the street.” (Woodchuck 1970)
  9. Higher Solo 7:12
    in Tommy Strand & Upper Hand, Jocko plays an extended bass solo (1971)
  10. Ming Of Mings 5:06
    Jocko Joins up with Wayne Cochran & C.C. Riders. (1972)
  11. Rice Pudding 5:37
    Cochran’s musical director, Charlie Brent recalls when Jocko first dedicated to go fretless.
  12. Amelia 4:45
    Charlie Brent sets up one of Jocko’s very first, and previously unheard, original compositions
  13. Do You Like The Sound Of The Music 6:08
    A cameo appearance by the legendary Wayne Cochran
  14. Long, Long Day 13:15
    Listen close as Jocko & Charlie support Wayne on this heartfelt epic ballad
  15. Exploring On Acoustic 1:46
    Alex Darqui describes Jocko’s routine at the Hollywood studio apartment
  16. Dexterity 1:27
    Here we find Jocko at home rehearsing a Bud Powell bebop tune on his acoustic bass (1073)
  17. The Birth Of Continuum 1:49
    Ira Sullivan Quartet at an elementary school – Jocko’s first draft of Continuum!
  18. Mr. Clean 4:43
    The Ira Sullivan Quartet during The Lions Share days (’73). ira share his perspective on Jocko
  19. I Can Dig It Baby 5:16
    Willie “Little Beaver” Hale himself introduces Jocko’s first LP appearance, (1974)
  20. Touch The Sky 0:27
  21. Elementary school teacher Mr. Simmons conducts a short intermission stretch

Disc-2 JACO …the world’s greatest bass player

  1. Behind The Scenes 1:46
    You’re a fly on the wall as Jaco & friend Bob Bobbing discuss harmonics
  2. Between Races 3:37
    Jaco performing in the Peter Graves Orchestra at Bachelors III (1974)
  3. Domingo 6:34
    Jaco’s first professionally recorded original composition. (Peter Graves Orchestra, 1974)
  4. Wiggle Waggle 5:21
    Funky is not the world! Again here is Jaco playing in the Peter Graves Orchestra
  5. Opus Pocus 2:47
    Jaco’s steel drum adventures with Othello and Sir Cederic at Criteria Studio. (1974)
  6. Baloon Song 5:35
    A ‘totally out’ never-before-heard original recording from Jaco’s Criteria demos
  7. Continuum 6:38
    This is the actual demo recording Jaco played for Joe Zawinul in Miami in 1974.
  8. Behind The Scenes Part-2 0:38
    Back at the house, Jaco gives Bob a string lecture.
  9. All The Things You Are 5:25
    The Pat Metheny Trio. Pat reflects back to when he and Jaco first met.
  10. Bright Size Life 8:54
    This 1974 live recording represents the beginnings of both of these musical legends.
    Pat’s insightful commentary helps put Jaco’s legacy into proper perspective
  11. Epic “Hitman” Contracts Jaco 2:35
    As told by Steve Popovitch, the head of A&R for Epic Records in 1975.
  12. The Real Deal 1:37
    Jaco himself describes his solo album and unique playing style.
  13. Refuge Of The Roads 3:31
    Joni Mitchell reminisces about her and Jaco’s legendary collaborations.
  14. Hejira 6:49
    Joni continues…Jaco’s first use of false harmonics appears at the end of Hejira.(1976)
  15. Jaco, John & Mary 1:03
    A few precious moments with Jaco at home, playing with his children
  16. Cannonball 5:30
    Joe Zawinul speaks for everyone during this sentimental farewell. (music & spoken words)
  17. Kuru/Speak Like A Child 5:20
    Herbie Hancock provides on insightful and sincere overview of Jaco’s life and music. (music & spoken words)
  18. Las Olas Farewell 4:30
    Here Jaco sings the melody to one of his early compositions “Las Olas”


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